Bruno Van Saen and Els Van Den Borre started diving in November 2004. After a few years they both started taking photos underwater. Today, they collected already more than 70 awards.

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In only a few years, Bruno Van Saen and Els Van Den Borre reached the international top in underwater photography. Their photos and articles are now requested and published worldwide.

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Travel stories

In their travel stories, Bruno & Els first try to describe their personal feelings. Through the story they also try to give you recommendations or advise so you can plan your next trip more easily.

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Join us during one of our vacations and enjoy the full trip of a free workshop underwater photography. Our workshops includes:

  • Basic concepts in photography
  • Composition
  • Wide angle, Macro and super macro photography
  • Underwater lighting techniques
  • Creative shooting
  • Participating underwater photography contests
  • Tips and tricks
  • After processing with Photoshop

As well as beginners, advanced as competition photographers are welcome. In addition we try, as much as possible, to adapt our workshop to everyone's level and wishes through personal guidance during the entire duration of the trip.


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