Bruno Van Saen & Els Van Den Borre


The 'Worldfestival of underwaterimages' in Marseille is the biggest festival for underwaterphotography and -videography. In November 2013 Bruno wins the 'Plongeur d'OR' (Golden diver). His award winning photo is printed in the section TOP-SHOT in the magazine 'Duiken' (Netherlands).

[Duiken - February 2014]

Chief editor Ivo Madder and his editorial team transform our story about the whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay into a beautiful publication. Our travel story accompanied by some of our photos appear on 6 pages in the Belgian magazine Hippocampus.

[Hippocampus - Nr°246 - nov./dec. 2013]

Probably our most wonderful publication until now. Bruno's biography and fifteen of his underwater pictures are published in the french magazine Aquamonde. His name is on the cover page and his portfolio is printed on an 8 pages long article.

[Aquamonde - october/november 2013 - N° 53]

The result of the international photo competition: 'Through Your Lens 2013' is published in the american Scuba Diving Magazine. Els became the big winner and received the Grand Prize with her image 'mouth full'. The image is printed on a double page!

[Scuba Diving Magazine - August 2013]

As well as for Bruno as myself the 25th European Underwater Festival in Strasbourg became a great success. Bruno became first in the categorie portfolio, and I received the third place in the portfolio. Besides this also Bruno's winning portfolio of the Hugycup 2012 is printed in the french magazine AquaMonde.

[Aquamonde - june/july 2013 - N° 51]

As last year, Bruno's article about the Hugycup gets published in the Belgian magazine for divers, Hippocampus. In his article he describes some recommendations and his feelings of the fourth edition of the HugyCup competition. Bruno was the winner of the HugyCup 2012 with five awards, and I also received some different awards.

[Hippocampus - Nr°243 - march/april 2013]

Bruno's article about the Hugycup 2011 gets published in Hippocampus. A four page article about underwaterphoto- and video together with some of our award winning pictures. During the Hugycup 2011 Bruno became 2nd in the Macro competition, and I became 3rd in Macro, 2nd in the nudibranch and 1st in the portfolio competition.

[Hippocampus - Nr°239 -- may/june 2012]

Bruno wins the contest organised by 'Duikmagazine' for the best cover photo. His photo is published on the cover page of the last edition of this beautiful magazine. In the near future, both magazines 'Duikmagazine' & 'Duiken' will work together and publish only one new dive magazine.

[Duikmagazine - june/july 2012]

The result of the international photo competition: 'Through Your Lens: Reader's Photo Contest 2011' appears in Scuba Diving magazine of the United States. Bruno wins the gold medal in the category macro with his photo 'crab in the sun'.

[Scuba Diving Magazine - August 2011]

The results of the 23th European Underwater Festival from Strasbourg is published in the magazine Aquamonde, France. Els won the first price in the portfolio category. All pictures of her participation are published on a full page, page 40.

[Aquamonde - June/July 2011 - N° 39]

And proud he is!!! Bruno's photo named 'Crab in the Sun' has been published on the cover page of the magazine Hippocampus. His photo was awarded during the 'Nelos Foto- en videofestival 2010', the price: a crystal seahorse and the photo published on the cover of the Belgium magazine.

[Hippocampus - Nr°234 - May/June 2011]

Thanks to good result of Els in the Festisub photocompetition one of her pictures is published on the cover of the national magazine of Switserland NEREUS. You can find her other winning photo's on pages 26, 28 and 29 in the magazine.

[Nereus - Nr°2 - April 2011]

Aquamonde publishes a 'Dossier spécial - La Hugy Cup 2010'. A great article of the HugyCup 2010 in ten wonderfull pages. The overall result of all categories and all winning photo's are published in the magazine of France! You can find our photo's on pages 41, 42 and 43.

[Aquamonde - February/March 2011 - N° 37]

The belgium manufacturer 'Greenforce' uses some of our award winning photo's for their commercial folder of the third generation of their dive lights. I was extremely astonished when I turned over the cover of the magazine but it is a real honor our pictures are used by Greenforce for commercial purposes!

[Duiken - Jan/Feb 2011]

The result of the HugyCup 2010 photo competition is published 'Duikmagazine'. The winning photo of each category is printed in full color and on high quality paper in this beautyfull magazine. As well as Bruno's photo of the Cutlle fish and my photo of the eye of the squid are published!

[Duikmagazine - Dec/Jan 2010]

For the third time in a row an article gets published in the national magazine 'Hippocampus'. Bruno's article about the Hugycup 2009 photo competition and our winning photo's published on two pages.

[Hippocampus - Nr°227 - Jan/Feb 2010]

This time Bruno's photo's are published! Together with the result of the 'zoetwaterflitsen' photo competition a number of some of his photo's are published in the section 'Close Up - Nelos photographer in the picture.

[Hippocampus - Nr°226 - Nov/Dec 2009]

Our article about the Philipines gets published in the national magazine Hippocampus.  Text and photo's on three pages!.  The comments we get about this publications are very nice.   Thanks to all of you!

[Hippocampus - Nr°225 - Sep/Oct 2009]

In december some of my photo's are published in our national magazine Hippocampus, a bi-monthly magazine sent to more than 10.000 belgian divers having a NELOS dive license. The photo's are published in the section 'CLOSE UP - Photographer in the picture'.

[Hippocampus - Nr°221 - Nov/Dec 2008]

My first publication !  For the first time one of my photo's gets published in a magazine.  The photo of the seahorse we have seen in the Oosterschelde gets published in the Internationaal magazine for divers duiken.

[duiken - 19e jaargang , Nr.10 - October 2008]